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Events & publications: my external activities in February 2024

The month of February was dominated by the AI Act votes. In the meantime, I have tried to introduce a more realistic view that illustrates the pros as well as the cons of the law … not only in Brussels but also in Zurich, London, Frankfurt, and Trier. In total, I did 18 events as speaker, wrote 2 articles, was 18x quoted in the press, and have recorded 4 podcasts.

🎤 01 Feb: Keynote in #Zurich on EU law-making and Panelist at the '17. Tagung zum Datenschutz' organised by Martina Arioli and the Europa Institut der University Zurich & Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH). Watch it here.

📖 02 Feb: Quoted by heise online in an opinion piece by Hartmut Gieselmann on 'Wir brauchen einen EU-Act für politische Intelligenz'. Read it here.

📖 02 Feb: Quoted by Bayerischer Rundfunk in an article by Christian Sachsinger on ‘Europa bekommt ein KI-Gesetz - aber wie gut ist es?’. Read it here.

📖 02 Feb: Quoted by in an article on ‘KI Regulierung erhält grünes Licht’ written by Daniel Leisegang. Read it here.

🎤 05 Feb: Panelist at Sidley Austin LLP's webinar on 'Preparing for the EU AI Act: Part 2' with William Long and Lauren Cuyvers. Watch it here.

🎤 06 Feb: Keynote and Panelist at 'The EU AI Act Summit 2024' organized by City & Financial Global in #London with Minesh Tanna. More info here.

📖 06 Feb: Quoted by MLex Market Insight in an article on 'EU AI Act's smooth implementation needs industry engagement, parliament adviser says' written by Abhishek Kumar.

🎤 07 Feb: Discussion with the GSMA / ETNO Association AI Taskforce with Elizabeth Wiltshire.

🎤 07 Feb: Keynote on the EU AI Act at Digital Health App’ero + Brussels Life Sciences College hosted by Sidley Global Life Sciences with Eva von Mühlen. More info here.

📖 07 Feb: Quoted by on 'Europe’s new AI Act threatens supervisory ‘chaos’ for banks' written by Luke Clancy. Read it here.

🎤 08 Feb: Keynote at the AI Act Roundtable organised by AI Hub Frankfurt with Marcel Isbert in #Frankfurt. More info here.

🎤 08 Feb: Keynote on ‘Updated on the EU AI Act’ organised by IFRRO with Catherine Starkie. More info here.

🎤 08 Feb: Keynote and Panelist at PwC’s conference on ‘The EU AI Act: What does it mean for your company?’ in #Frankfurt with Hendrik A. Reese and Florian Gauer. More info here.

🎧 09 Feb: Podcast on the AI Act with Barry Scannell from WILLIAM FRY LLP. Listen to it here.

🎤 12 Feb: Keynote and Q&A at a members session organised by U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the EU AI Act with Tim Bradley and Zach Helzer.

🎧 14 Feb: Recorded a double episode for the ‘Performance Manager Podcast’ with Peter Bluhm from ATVISIO Consult GmbH. Listen to it here.

📖 15 Feb: Published an article on my blog as well as a LinkedIN article called ‘Some personal reflections on the EU AI Act: a bittersweet ending’. Read it here.

📖 15 Feb: Quoted in POLITICO Europe’s Morning Tech newsletter written by Mathieu Pollet, Gian M. Volpicelli and others. Read it here.

🎤 15 Feb: Keynote for the ‘Wharton Cypher Accelerator‘ at the The Wharton School with Sarah Hammer from University of Pennsylvania.

📖 16 Feb: Quoted in Euractiv’s Tech Brief written by Júlia Tar and Théophane Hartmann. Read it here.

🎤 16 Feb: Keynote at an ACCIS member’s meeting on the EU AI Act with Enrique Velazquez organised by Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.

🎧 19 Feb: Podcast on the AI Act with Lukas Adomavicius for Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL). Listen to it here.

🎤 20 Feb: Keynote in #Leuven on the AI Act at EuroGeographics session for United Nations Working Group on Policy and Legal Frameworks on Geospatial Information Management at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven with Carol Agius. More info here.

🎤 20 Feb: Keynote on ‘All about the Ai Act - Insider Einblick’ with Dr Clara Guerra of Stabsstelle Finanzplatzinnovation & Digitalisierung - Office for Financial Market Innovation. Read more here.

🎤 21 Feb: Keynote on the AI Act for Automotive IQ’s conference on ‘Generative AI for Automotive’ in #Frankfurt with Kiera Jansen. Read more here.

🎤 22 Feb: Keynote and panelist at Academy of European Law ERA’s Annual Conference on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Rights 2024’ in #Trier with Mareike Hoffmann. Read more here.

🎧 22 Feb: Podcast with Yoav Evenstein on ‘AI Safety conversations - Regulation & Standardization’. Listen to here.

📖 22 Feb: Quoted in POLITICO Europe’s Digital Bridge newsletter by Mark Scott with my AI Act assessment. Read more here.

📖 22 Feb: Published my next ‘Bericht aus Brüssel’ about ‘Die Ergebnisse der Trilogverhandlungen zur KI-Regulierung’ with Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann for RDV 1.2024. Read more here.

🎤 27 Feb: Keynote for K&L Gates webinar on ‘Regulating AI - Part IV: The EU AI Act - The expected international impacts of the first comprehensive AI regulation’ with Giovanni Campi and  Claude-Etienne Armingaud. Read more here.

🎤 27 Feb: Panelist at New America’s webinar on ‘AI Act - Lessons learned for US policymakers’ with David Morar. More info here.

📖 27 Feb: Quoted in POLITICO Europe’s Morning Tech newsletter by Pieter Haeck. Read more here.

📖 27 Feb: Quoted in POLITICO’s article on 'A Mistral chills European regulators' by Mohar Chatterjee. Read more here.

📖 27 Feb: Quoted in Euronew's article on ''Furious': Critics question Microsoft's deal with Mistral AI, as EU set to look into it' written by Pascale Davies. Read more here.

🎤 28 Feb: Panelist at IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) event called ‘Data protection intensive conference 2024’ in London for the session called ‘A Global Perspective on Preparing for the EU AI Act: Lessons Learned From GDPR’ with Evi Fuelle. More info here.

📖 28 Feb: Quoted in Tagesspiegel Article on ‘Mistral-Microsoft-Deal führt AI Act ad absurdum’ from Oliver Voss. Read more here.

📖 28 Feb: Quoted in Politico Europe's article on 'EU balks at Microsoft's deal with French startup' by Pieter Haeck and Gian Volpicelli. Read it here.

📖 29 Feb: Quoted in mlex on ‘EU AI Act to lead to period of legal uncertainty, European Parliament advisor says’ by Frank Hersey. Read more here.

📖 29 Feb: Quoted in Le Temps on 'Mistral AI, symbole d'une indépendance technologique européenne si difficile à conquérir' by Anouch Seydtaghia. Read more here.

📖 29 Feb: Quoted in Het Financieele Dagblad on 'Ophef in Europarlement over deal van frans AI bedrijf met Microsoft' by Mathijs Schiffers. Read more here.

📖 29 Feb: Quoted in La Tribune on 'The alliance between Mistral and Microsoft puts an end to the illusion of European technological independence' by Francois Manens. Read more here.

📖 29 Feb: Quoted by Alexandre Piquard on Le Monde's article on 'Artificial intelligence: Mistral AI's partnership with Microsoft makes Brussels cringe'. Read more here.


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