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I. Legislative work

  • 2021/0106(COD) in the IMCO/LIBE-committee (Rule 58) on the AI Act as EPP LIBE Shadow Rapporteur (Voss AMs) as well as Rule 57+ opinion in the JURI-committee as Rapporteur (draft opinion and final opinion). See also our supporting documents.

  • 2020/2266(INI) in the 'Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age' (AIDA) as Rapporteur (draft report and factsheet - my colleague took over after the draft report was tabled and did the compromise negotiations).  

  • 2020/2130(INL) in the JURI-committee on Responsible private funding of litigation as Rapporteur (draft report and factsheet).

  • 2020/2717(RSP) in the LIBE-committee on the GDPR implementation evaluation report of the Commission as EPP Shadow Rapporteur (Voss AMs and factsheet).

  • 2020/2018(INI) in the ITRE-committee on the European Data Strategy as Rapporteur for the Rule 57 opinion in the JURI-committee (draft opinionfactsheet and final opinion adopted by committee).

  • 2018/2855(RSP) in the LIBE-committee on Cambridge Analytica as EPP Shadow Rapporteur (Voss AMs).

  • 2018/2645(RSP) in the LIBE-committee on the Privacy Shield as EPP Shadow Rapporteur (Voss AMs).

  • 2018/0112(COD) in the IMCO-committee on a new set of rules for doing business online (P2B) (Voss AMs for the Rule 57 JURI-opinion).

  • 2018/0331(COD) in the LIBE-committee on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online (Voss AMs).

  • 2018/0108(COD) in the LIBE-committee on electronic evidence in criminal matters (Voss AMs).

  • 2018/0106(COD) in the JURI-committee on a Directive for protecting whistle blowers (Voss AMs).

  • 2018/0089(COD) in the JURI-committee on a Directive establishing a collective redress regime (Voss AMs).

  • 2017/0003(COD) in the LIBE-committee on a new ePrivacy regulation as EPP Shadow Rapporteur as well as Rapporteur for the Rule 56 opinion in the JURI-committee (draft opinion - resigned from JURI rapporteurship after the final vote in JURI was lost. Voss became also EPP LIBE Shadows after the European election in 2019. In JURI, I took over after draft opinion was tabled in 2017).

  • 2017/0002(COD) in the LIBE-committee on an updated data protection framework for the EU-institutions (45/2001 review) as EPP Shadow Rapporteur (adopted law - I took over after the draft report was tabled in 2017). 

  • 2013/0256(COD) in the LIBE-committee on a new Eurojust regulation as Rapporteur (adopted law​ - I took over after the draft report was tabled in 2017).

II. Position Papers and other political initiatives

  • 2021: Fixing the GDPR: Towards Version 2.0 (see *.pdf

  • 2021: DSA/DMA position of the CDU/CSU faction (see *.pdf)

  • 2021: Main principles of the EPP group for the upcoming DSA file (see *.pdf)

  • 2020: Response to the AI White Paper of the European Commission (see *.pdf)

  • 2020: Digital Manifesto (Roadmap to secure Europe’s digital sovereignty and geo-political competitiveness) (see *.pdf)

  • 2018: Main points of criticism on the Collective Redress proposal of the Commission (see *.pdf)

  • 2018: German FAQ for the GDPR implementation (see *.pdf)

  • 2017: Main points of criticism on the EP-draft on ePrivacy (see *.pdf)

III. My own projects and publications

  • 2023:

    • 'KI-Verordnung – Bärendienst für die heimischen KMU' published on 19 April by Tagesspiegel Background 'Digitalisierung & KI' (access to article)​

    • 'Trustworthy AI made in the EU: how common values can be a competitive edge' published on 13 April by Euractiv (access to article)

  • Since 2022: biannual issues of my DSM overviews published on this blog (Q4.2022)

  • Since 2022: regular issues of my Top-5-digital-files factsheets published on this blog (Q1.2022 | Q2.2022 | Q4.2022).

  • 2021: 'The European Parliament’s role in EU digital governance: Aspiration and reality' published by Wilfried Martens Centre in 'European View'. Issue 2/2021, pp. 131-139 (see *.pdf).

  • 2015: 'Junckers Investment Initiative: A «sham» or a «true reboot' published by SMEeurope in 'European Entrepreneur'. Issue 2/2015, pp. 44-46 (see *.pdf).

IV. Some of the projects in my role as Research Associate for the KAS European Office*

  • 2017 event series 'Think Digital' in cooperation with Google, Siemens and ZVEI. Block #1 on Smart Cities (see report) and block #2 on innovation policy (see report).

  • 2017 event series 'Forum Internal Security' with Hanns-Seidel-Foundation and the Representation of Bavaria. Block #1 on '2 years after Charlie Hebdo' (see report) and block #2 on 'Better security by increased cooperation' (see report).

  • Ongoing expert workshops from 2015-2017 with various partners: (1) BDI-KAS-EMU, (2) BDI-KAS-Internal Market, (3) BDI-KAS-International Trade, (4) DIHK-KAS Brüsseler Initiative, (5) KAS-Wirtschaftsrat, (6) IW Köln-KAS and (7) DStGB-KAS. Exemplary, see reportreport / report / report.

  • Organizing delegations and exchange programs to foster dialogue between Berlin and Brussels from 2015-2017, sometimes ending with public events (see report / report).

  • Reports of European Council summits in 2015 (Feb / Mar / Jun / Oct / Dec), in 2016 (Feb / Mar I and II / Jun / Oct / Dec) and in 2017 (Feb / Mar I and II / AprJun) as well as on the Greek government-debt crisis in 2015 and the Brexit referendum I and II in June 2016.

(* All documents in section V. are shared with the consent of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The copyright for these documents remains solely with them.)

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