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Events & publications: my external activities in January 2024

The year of 2024 started as busy as the previous one. A few AI Act technicals took place and finally concluded the negotiations. Personally, I see the result with rather mixed feelings - more on that next week. In contrast, my university lectures in Cologne, Karlsruhe, and Florida (virtually) as well as my trips to Davos and Paris were real highlights! In total, I did 16 events as speaker, wrote 1 article, was 3x quoted in the press, and gave 2 interviews.

🎤 06 Jan: Lecture on EU policy-making at Cologne University of Applied Sciences for the LL.M. program on ‘Medienrecht and Medienwirtschaft’ in the module on ‘data protection law’ with Henner Hensch und Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann.

🎤 08 Jan: Presentation on the European Parliament for student groups from Luxembourg and Germany with Jochen Richter at the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

🎤 10 Jan: Keynote on the EU AI Act at the ‘AG Europarecht’ organised by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung with Claudia Schöler.

🎤 11 Jan: Keynote at the ML6 webinar on ‘The AI Act in practice - preparing for the upcoming regulation’ with Michiel Van Lerbeirghe. Watch it here.

🎤 16 Jan: Panelist on ‘Towards International AI Regulation’ at AI House Davos in Switzerland with Philipp Hacker, Miriam Vogel, Ramayya Krishnan, and Rasmus Rothe. Watch it here.

🎤 16 Jan: Panelist at the roundtable on ‘The Impact of AI Regulation in the US and EU on Global Business and Society’ at AI House Davos with Sarah Hammer, Christopher Coons and others.

📖 16 Jan: Quoted on the EU AI Act and Davos in Süddeutsche Zeitung Dossier Digitalwende written by Selina Bettendorf and Matthias Punz. More info here.

🎤 17 Jan: Panelist on ‘The next AI frontier: AI Safety Audits and Standards’ at AI House Davos organised by LatticeFlow with Andreas Krause, Garry Marcus, Apostol Vassilev and others. Watch it here.

🎧 17 Jan: Interview for the ‘The Monocle Daily’ with Christy O’Grady for Monocle on the EU AI Act and Davos. Listen to it here.

📖 21 Jan: Opinion piece in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on ‘Europäische Werte für die digitale Welt: was die KI-Verordnung bringt’ in the with Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann, Tobias Keber, and Axel Voss. Read it here.

🎤 23 Jan: Lecture during the ‘Responsible AI’ course at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) on “The EU AI Act - a competitive advantage?” with Rainer Hoffmann. More info here.

🎤 25 Jan: Discussion on AI and EU policy-making with the CDU Fraktion des Sächsischen Landtages organised by Dr. Lars Leupolt. More info here.

🎤 25 Jan: Keynote on ‘Update on the EU AI Act’ at Bitkom’s conference on ‘AI Act nach dem Trilog’ with Kai Beerlink. More info here.

📖 25 Jan: Quoted for Tagesspiegel Background Digitalisierung & KI on troubles among Member States before the vote in the Council by Steffen Stierle. Read it here.

📖 25 Jan: Quoted by heise online on ‘Abstimmung auf der Kippe, doch Unternehmen sollten sich rüsten’ by Eva-Maria Weiß. Read more here.

🎤 26 Jan: Lecture at Florida State University College of Law on ‘The New EU AI Bill Webinar’ with Aaron Voloj Dessauer. More info here.

🎤 29 Jan: Speaker at IAPP's webinar ‘Breaking down the EU AI Act’ with Ashley Casovan and Isabella Roccia. More info here.

🎤 30 Jan: Speaker on ‘AI and copyright: making innovation an engine of creation’ organised by Numeum with Anissa Kemiche in Paris. More info here.

🎤 30 Jan: Keynote and Panel on the EU AI Act together with Siméon Campos at a conference organised by MLCommons with Alex Creswell and Peter Mattson at Université Paris-Sorbonne. More info here.

🎤 30 Jan: Panelist on “The EU AI Act - what does it mean for your business” organised by TruEra with Shameek Kundu, Sebastian Hallensleben, and Ronak Shah. Watch it here.

🎤 31 Jan: Speaker at the 10th AI Act Info Session organised by DigitalEurope, Bitkom, and Numeum with Slavina Ancheva and Torlach Grant.

🎧 31 Jan: Interview for heise online on the AI Act vote in the Council conducted by Eva-Maria Weiß. Read it here.


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