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I. My public appearances

  • 2023/01/24: Intervention at 'European Roundtable on Third Party Litigation Funding and Intellectual Property Litigation' organised by Business Europe and US Chambers of Commerce in Brussels.

  • 2023/01/18: Intervention at 'Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fight fraud in healthcare European Vision & National Cases' online event organised by International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM). Find the program here.

  • 2023/01/19: Panelist at 'New media, old media? Research challenges, emerging findings and future directions' conference in London organised by The Political Studies Association. Find the program here.

  • 2022/12/15: Keynote on 'AI Regulation in the EU: The Need for Better Regulation?' during the conference on 'AI Governance in the EU and Consumer Protection' organized by Université d’Artois, Academy of International Affairs NRW and Université Catholique de Lyon in Douai. Find the program here.

  • 2022/12/15: Keynote on 'European AI Act impact: the case of Belgium' during the 'DPO Annual Conference' online conference organized by DPO Circle. Find more information here.

  • 2022/12/05: Panelist at 'AI Regulation in Europe: what next? A conversation with Kai Zenner and Dan Nechita' organized by APCO in Brussels. Find more information here.

  • 2022/12/01: Panelist at 'When innovation meets data – A regulatory straightjacket in the making?' during the European Data Summit organized by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Berlin. Find more information here.

  • 2022/11/26: Keynote on 'The EU AI Act: Will it be a success story or a stumbling block?' during the 'AI Governance Forum 2022' online conference organized by AI Transparency Institute. Find more information here.

  • 2022/11/18: Keynote at an AI Act online workshop organized by TU Darmstadt, Research Lab for Law and applied Technologies (ReLLaTe), Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Find more information here.

  • 2022/11/18: Panelist at 'AI Act: Regulating the regulated?' organized by the European Centre of Excellence in AI Projects (Research Universities Consortium, Czech Republic), Czech Institute for European Policy (EUROPEUM) and European Digital Finance Association (EDFA) in Brussels.

  • 2022/11/15: Panelist at 'Evaluating Responsibilities Across the Value Chain: A Deep Dive on the AI Act and its Consequences for European SMEs' online event organized by SME Europe. Find more information here.

  • 2022/11/14: Panelist at 'Risk management: Substantial Modification and Pre-determined Changes' during the conference on 'Risk Management and Transparency' organized by Open Loop / META.

  • 2022/11/02: Keynote at 'Conversation Responsible private funding of litigation' online workshop organized by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

  • 2022/10/28: Keynote at 'AI and Mobility - when it is allowed to use AI' organized by Noerr Law Firm in Munich. Find more information here

  • 2022/10/26: Panelist at 'Addressing concerns, finding solutions – how to evolve policy for biometrics' as part of the Biometrics Institute Congress 2022 in London. Find more information here.

  • 2022/10/25: Panelist at 'Making the AI Act Work: Views on Standardization and Open Source' organized by OpenForum Europe in Brussels. Find more information here.

  • 2022/10/14: Keynote during the annual conference of 'Confederation of European Security Services' (CoESS) in Brussels with a focus on the AI Act and its consequences for the security sector. Find more information here.

  • 2022/09/29: Keynote on the AI Act that started the annual conference of the 'appliedAI Initiative' in Munich. Find more information here

  • 2022/09/28: Panelist at 'The Regulation and Governance of Artificial Intelligence' as part of the 2022 OPTIC conference hosted by AFME in London. Find more information here.

  • 2022/09/21: Panelist at 'A (human) rights centered AI Design' hosted by Science for Democracy in The Hague. Watch the morning session of the event here.

  • 2022/09/13: Panelist at 'Should the EU Regulate General-Purpose AI Systems?' an online-event hosted by the Center for Data Innovation. Watch the whole session here.

  • 2022/08/18: Keynote at 'AI-Bites - Talks & BBQ - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and discussion of related legal questions' at Luther Law Firm in Cologne. Find more information here.

  • 2022/07/12: Panelist at IAPP's online-event with the title "EU Artificial Intelligence Act Proposal: What could it change?". Watch the whole session here.

  • 2022/06/22: Panelist at Erasmus School of Law's concluding event on the "Future Regulation of Third-Party Litigation Funding" in Rotterdam. Find more information here.

  • 2022/06/14: Keynote on "Insights from the European Parliament" at European Association for Biometrics (EAB) & DIN's AI Act workshops in Brussels. Find more information here.

  • 2022/06/02: Panelist at ITU's 'World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2022' (WSIS) in Geneva on "How assurance and conformity assessments are key to promote trustworthy AI". Watch the whole session here.

  • 2022/05/22: Keynote on 'Künstliche Intelligenz in der Pharmazeutischen Industrie' during the 'Digital ganz praktisch' online conference organised by Bundesverband Pharmazeutische Industrie (BPI).

  • 2022/05/05: Keynote on 'EU Regulatory Data Protection: A legal and policy appraisal of an emerging legislative framework' webinar organised by DLA Piper. Watch the event here.

II. My Interviews

  • 2023/01/09: Data Agenda Podcast. Episode 29: [...] moderated by Prof Rolf Schwartmann and Steffen Weiss. Listen to the full episode (in German) here.

  • 2022/11/29: Interview conducted by Jedidiah Bracy (IAPP) on 16 November during the Europe Data Protection Congress 2022. Read the article here.

  • 2022/07/22: Interview conducted by Iva Tasheva (CyEn) on "Cybersecurity Rules on Artificial Intelligence, the new AI Act". Watch the whole interview here.

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