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Events & publications: my external activities in December 2023

Before it’s too late for 2023 content, here a short summary with links to 10 events with me as speaker, 1 publication, 3 interviews/quotes and 2 podcasts from the last chapter of a crazy year.

🎤 01 Dec: Keynote on ‘EU AI Act: the latest from the ongoing trilogue negotiations’ with Eva Thelisson during the ‘AI Governance Forum’ organized by AI Transparency Institute. More info here.

📖 04 Dec: interviewed by the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank GmbH on 'Prognosis on the future, AI and data strategy'. Read it here.

🎤 05 Dec: Panelist on ‘Trust in AI? Basics, implications, instruments’ with Johannes Welsch during the conference on 'Regulatory challenges from a political perspective' organized by Hanns Seidel Foundation. More info here.

📖 07 Dec: Author of an article on 'The EU AI Act and the global race of regulatory leadership' for CECIMO's Magazine. Read it here.

🎤 11 Dec: Keynote on ‘Status quo on the AI Act’ with Henner Hentsch and game - German Games Industry Association.

🎧 12 Dec: recorded the next podcast with Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann on 'The world's first AI law?' as episode #48 for RDV online. Listen to it here.

🎤 12 Dec: Panelist on 'EU AI Regulation and international developments', a workshop organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Christian Hübner.

🎤 12 Dec: Panelist on 'The Future of Responsible AI: Emerging Trends, Challenges, A Call To Action', panel discussion with Alyssa Lefaivre Škopac during the annual Responsible AI Institute summit. More info here.

🎤 13 Dec: Keynote and Q&A on AI Act Trilogue during the annual summit from EAIF - European AI Forum with Jeannette Gorzala, Daniel Abbou and the KI Bundesverband. More info here.

🎤 14 Dec: Panelist on 'Preparing for the EU AI Act' a webinar organized by Sidley Austin LLP with William Long and Lauren Cuyvers. More info here.

📖 17 Dec: quoted in an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 'Weltmeister der Regulierung' written by Piotr Heller. Read it here.

🎧 19 Dec: recorded the Turtlezone - Interview-Podcast episode #040 + #041 with Oliver Schwartz on AI policy. Listen to it here.

🎤 19 Dec: Keynote at the Bertelsmann Public Affairs Taskforce with Philipp Hallenberger and Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA.

🎤 19 Dec: Panelist on ‘The EU AI Act: a success story’ organized by Technische Universität Wien and Hannes Werthner as part of the DigHum Lecture Series. More info here.

🎤 20 Dec: Keynote on the AI Act trilogue for Future of Privacy Forum during their ‘EU Council Call’ with Vasileios Rovilos and Katerina Demetzou.


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