About me

Digital enthusiast focusing on emerging technologies, data sharing and the EU's digital transition. Cooperative and pragmatic approach, always trying to strike a balance. Annoyed by stagnation, ideological mindsets and political power plays in the EU institutions and elsewhere.


Graduated in politics and law, after specializing in Security Studies and Foreign Policy Analysis as well as in Constitutional and European Law. Studied Political Science (B.A.) at University of Bremen, Law (First German state examination / Dipl.-Jur.) at University of Freiburg / York / Münster and International Relations (M.Sc.) at University of Edinburgh.


Started his professional life as Research Associate at the European Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Brussels, before moving to the European Parliament as Head of Office and Digital Policy Adviser for MEP Axel Voss (EPP Group) in 2017.

Why this website?

Seeing the need for a radical policy change in the EU - not only in digital matters - and believing in the work I am doing, first at the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and now in the European Parliament, this website pursues the single goal to compile and to illustrate some of the previous as well as the current political initiatives meant to trigger and accelerate the necessary transformation process in Brussels and across Europe.


The website contains the draft reports, resolutions and amendments from our activities in the JURI, LIBE and AIDA committee, our political position papers as well as some initiatives by myself. Since I am not a politician myself, this website can focus more on the technical details of our initiatives. It also allows me to comment on the political processes as well as on our ambitions more bluntly. While many documents on this blog are the work of MEP Voss and his office or of the Konrad- Adenauer-Foundation, all additional remarks are my own and are not necessarily representing the views of MEP Voss, the EPP group, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation or the European Parliament.