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Digital factsheets #3: the upcoming digital files and their place in the existing DSM framework

The new edition (Q4 2022) of my digital factsheets incorporates files such as the Cyber Resilience Act, the Single Market Emergency Instrument or the AI Liability Directive. Moreover, it adds the new ideas that President von der Leyen presented in her 'State of the Union' speech as well as all the digital initiatives of the European Commission listed in the 2023 Work Program.

My digital factsheets are regularly updated and published in two separate documents:

(1) Top 5 digital files: overview of the (IMHO) most important digital files that Brussel's tech bubble talks about as well as the future plans of the European Commission (all from an European Parliament perspective).

(2) DSM framework: overview of all digital laws of the EU as well as their governance mechanism. It tries to put the Better Regulation Agenda back in the spotlight as the EU will only be fit for the digital age, if it has a coherent and efficient legal & enforcement framework in place.

All data is based on official EU documents, was provided by the administration of the European Parliament or is from talks with the European Commission. You can download the digital factsheets below:

Factsheet Q4.22_top5
Download PDF • 639KB
Factsheet Q4.22_DSM
Download PDF • 653KB

Please note that I do not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information contained in this document.


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