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The AI Act: relationship between recitals and articles.

Find here a comprehensive overview of all recitals in the EU AI Act that you might find helpful as it helps getting more information on complex issues such as watermarking or model evaluations.

I am working for some time now with EU laws. Yet one thing that I still do not really understand is why our Regulations / Directives do not feature a clear link between recitals and articles by default. In particular for people outside Brussels, it is often impossible to understand, which recital has been added for which article.

During the AI Act trilogue negotiations, some of us had a list prepared by the European Commission that was however created on basis of the proposal presented on 21 April 2021. Over the last week, I have finally found some time to update that document, based on the latest legal text that will be entering into force on 1 August 2024.

My table gives you an overview on six pages how all recitals and articles relate, allowing you for instance to easily locate the extensive copyright explanations for Article 53. Let's hope what I did here becomes one day the norm for EU laws as it would IMO significantly increase the accessibility of our legal texts.

You can download the document here:

KZenner - AIA - List of Recitals
Download PDF • 215KB

p.s. Risto Uuk and team did a similar effort with their great 'AI Act explorer' (, in which you find "suitable recitals" for each article of the EU AI Act.


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