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MEP Axel Voss goes in the EU election for CDU NRW on an excellent place 5

After months of uncertainty, the CDU has finally approved the lists with their candidates for the next European Parliament in all German states, including in NRW and in Hessen.

The CDU-Landesverband NRW has just confirmed its list for the European election (6 - 9 June 2024). My boss, Axel Voss, secured place number 5, which - taking previous elections into account - seems to be safe. We both are eager to continue our ride in Brussels. In case the European citizens confirm his mandate, the two of us will focus on the implementation of the AI Act, the political negotiations of the AILD, the reform of GDPR rules, a TPLF law, and the strengthening of Better Regulation principles in EU policy-making. My colleague Greta Koch and Axel will also continue their excellent work on company law.

I want to use this post, to thank Axel for being the best boss that I had in my professional life. The level of trust and confidence that you have in my work is exceptional as is the room to manoeuvre that you gave me. The result of our work over the last 7 years - from Eurojust over privacy laws to class action procedures and AI policy - speaks IMHO for itself.

The fight for a balanced & evidence-based EU digital policy continues. You will hear more about our assessment of the AI Act soon but, in the meantime, have a look at two recent pieces in German:


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