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Events & publications: external activities in Paris

The second mission of 2023 brought me in early February to France with two events and a meeting in Paris.

🎤 At the Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC), I spoke about the AI Act in front of Master degree students in a course on ‘Digital Sovereignty’. Thank you for the kind invitation Lamprini Xenou!

🎤 Afterwards, I was speaking at a lunch event in front of French companies on the AI Act and it’s potential effects on their daily businesses at Circle Europe Et Technologies Du Futur organized by Athenora Consulting & Natacha Clarac. My message was: I am much more optimistic now and expect an improved & balanced text by the European Parliament.

Last but not least, I finally visited the OCDE headquarter in person and talked with our friends from the brilliant OECD.AI team about the challenges in defining AI. It is key for the EPP Group in the European Parliament to fully align the AI Act with the work of international organizations.


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