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Events & publications: my external activities in October 2023

What did I do in October besides heated AI Act negotiations and my first Strasburg trip since 2020? Below a summary with links to 2 podcasts, 2 interviews, 1 article and 18 events #EU #AI #digital.

🎤 03 Oct: Statement at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and RAND Corporation event on 'International Collaboration on Frontier AI Model Safety and Security' in #DC (read out by Hadrien Pouget). More info here.

🎤 05 Oct: Fireside chat on 'The EU AI Regulation and the outlook for the future' with Minesh Tanna at 'The AI Regulation Summit' in #London (virtually). More info here.

🎤 05 Oct: Lecture on 'Regulating AI - challenges for EU lawmakers' at the Bucerius Law School as part of Christoph Kumpan’s & Wolf-Georg Ringe's Network for Artificial Intelligence and Law (NAIL) in #Hamburg. More info here.

🎤 10 Oct: Panelist on 'AI Global Regulation: Shaping the Future' during the Allied For Startups Annual Summit 2023 moderated by Maxime Ricard. More info here.

🎤 11 Oct: Keynote on the AI Act during the Techeconomics 2023 conference organised by & Codruta Mare in Cluj-Napoca #Romania (virtually). More info here.

📖 15 Oct: my next 'Beitrag aus Brüssel' on 'KI-Regulierung: ein Trilog unter großem Zeitdruck' in RDV Online legal magazine. More info here.

🎧 16 Oct: The German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD) recorded the next Data Agenda Podcast (Episode 45) on 'State of the AI Regulation in October 2023- on the home stretch or facing another run?’ with Prof. Dr. Rolf Schwartmann. More info here.

🎤 16 Oct: Keynote on the AI Act for the FinTech Regulation Committee (FRC) of WSBI-ESBG and Janine Barten. More info here.

🎤 17 Oct: Keynote at the EU/UK AI Policy Day an event organised by PolicyPartner LLC and Aaron Gao in #London.

🎤 17 Oct: Keynote on the 'Prohibitions in the AI Act' at the Annual Congress of the Biometrics Institute and Isabelle Moeller in #London. More info here.

🎤 18 Oct: Panelist at The Wharton School’s roundtable on ‘Capitalizing on the Potential of Artificial Intelligence’ during the conference ‘Paradigm Shift: Powering with innovation & financial technology’ at University of Pennsylvania & Sarah Hammer (virtually). More info here.

🎧 19 Oct: Podcast on 'EU AI Act Trilogue: The Focus Points' recorded by Information Labs and Caroline De Cock’s hot item. Watch it here.

🎤 19 Oct: Panelist on ‘EU AI Act’ during the AI Week 2023 by AI Hub Frankfurt in #Frankfurt with Julia Sterling (virtually). More info here.

🎤 19 Oct: Keynote on ‘A Glance in the Trilogues: How the EU will regulate AI’ during the ITechLaw Association’s European Conference and Louis Jonker in #Amsterdam. More info here.

🎤 23 Oct: Panelist on ‘AI EU Act: What to expect?’ during the Data Makers Fest conference in #Porto with Leonid Kholkine. More info here.

🎧 23 Oct: Interview together with Carlos Muñoz Ferrandis on ‘What can two lawyers playing cards teach us about Artificial Intelligence?’. Watch/read it here.

🎤 24 Oct: Participating at the roundtable on ‘Reimagining Governance in the Era of AI and the Tech Revolution‘ organised by Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and European Policy Centre with Toni Blair and Sanna Marin.

🎤 25 Oct: Panelist on 'Policy and Regulatory Considerations related to digitalization in migration: data protection, privacy, and ethical use of digital technologies’ at the workshop on the ‘Potential of Digitalisation in the Migration Context’ at Prague Process in #Tiflis in Georgia (virtually).

🎤 25 Oct: Panelist on ‘Global Approaches to AI Policymaking’ at IBM’s Policy Lab Live with Jean-Marc Leclerc (virtually). More info here.

🎤 25 Oct: Panelist at ‘AI Act and beyond: what do companies need now?’ organised by Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, IHK für München und Oberbayern and Enterprise Europe Network: helping ambitious SMEs innovate and grow internationally. Thomas Wimmesberger & Landesvertretung Bayern in Brüssel. Iris Haidau Photography. More info here.

🎤 26 Oct: Keynote on ‘European Artificial Intelligence Act: legal and ethical impact of AI’ at European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network (EHFCN)’s at the 15th EHFCN International Conference on ‘Strengthening methods to prevent & tackle Fraud and Waste in Healthcare Cloud Technologies, Artificial Intelligence & Behavioural Insights’ with Lawrence de Marneffe. More info here.

🎤 26 Oct: Participating at the roundtable on ‘Delivering the 'Digital Decade': can the European Union become an AI superpower?’ organised by The Economist.

🎧 31 Oct: Interview for a Head story ‘Kai Zenner - the AI Influencer’ by Table Media GmbH & Corinna Visser. Read it here.


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