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Digital factsheet #4: A dataset on EU legislation for the digital world

The new edition (Q3 2023) was created together with bruegel and incorporates files such as the GDPR reform, STEP and the Fair Share Initiative. It also gives some indications of what the EU still tries to complete before the European election in June 2024.

I am very happy to have teamed up with J. Scott Marcus, Kamil Sekut, and Hèctor Badenes Rodríguez to continue my digital factsheets from now on in cooperation with Bruegel, a European think tank based in Brussels that specializes in economics.

Together, we will provide you with regular updates on digital laws and enforcement mechanism in the EU. In our tables we have reached the number of 104 laws (planned, in negotiation, adopted) and 66 entities that are crucial for the digital sector.

Our document helps you to stay on top of things! Read the introduction here with more information on how the dataset was created and how it can be used. You can download the dataset either via the bruegel website or by clicking the button below:

Factsheet Q3.23
Download PDF • 276KB


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