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The AI Act: timeline (October I update)

There is so much confusion about the AI Act negotiations after this week's trilogue that it is time for another update. Check the graphic below for an overview of the upcoming & previous sessions as well as all approved batches.

Yes, we made a lot of progress. Yes, a political deal this year is possible. Yes, we started to discuss the most disputed points such as Art 5, 6, Annex 2/3, 28/28a/28b and 56 ff ... BUT all we have agreed on in those fields were *potential* compromise solutions. There was nodeal. It will still take some time to discuss the details and only then our bosses will know if they can approve the final compromise package. Moreover, many articles and paragraphs of the AI Act are still parked or not even discussed. We have neither discussed definitions nor Recitals.

So what is the status quo? We are on a good way but everyone should aim to prevent a DSA situation. There is no reason to rush towards a political deal before the technical details are not clarified. We all want an AI Act that works in the end - let's make sure it does!


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