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Events & publications: my external activities in March 2023

Five Technical Meetings, one Shadows, and many informal meetings ... slowly but steadily the AI Act comes to a close. The vote in committee is scheduled for Wednesday, 26 April. But what else happened in the past 3 weeks? A short overview with some links.

🎤 8 March: I made introductory remarks at European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)'s digital regulations roundtable discussion on ‘Uncertainty and new efforts to regulate AI’, which were followed by a great debate about digital governance and Better Regulation.

🎤 8 March: I presented my views on 'Upcoming Regulation in Data & AI' in a presentation during the 'Global Data Council Workshop' organized by Zurich Insurance.

🎧 ️14 March: together with Rolf Schwartmann & Tobias Keber, I recorded the 34th episode of the Data Agenda podcast (RDV Online) with the title “ChatGPT & Co: News from the machine room of EU data regulation - AI and ePrivacy”. Listen to it here.

🎤 ️️21 March: as panelist at a webinar organized by CEDPO - Confederation of European Data Protection Organisations and Irish Computer Society, I spoke on “Where the Machines Meet the Data - the impact of the AI Act on the GDPR” and made some predictions on how the new AI framework will affect the work of DPAs and DPOs. More information here.

🎤 ️22 March: for Giulia Sandri's third year undergraduate students from Université catholique de Lille ('Internet and Politics' course of BA in Political Science), I gave a guest lecture on existing & new EU digital laws, with a particular focus on the AI Act and the Better Regulation agenda.

🎤 ️28 March: at Wolt's “Demystifying Tech” breakfast event I gave a keynote speech, informing the attendees about the problems that the conceptual approach of the AI Act creates in practice and on how a better balanced Regulation, creating real algorithmic transparency, would look like.

🎤 ️29 March: at a online workshop organized by VAUNET on "AI in the media" I gave a keynote speech on how the EU wants to regulate AI, what does it mean for the media sector, and how the European Parliament plans to tackle the risks caused by ChatGPT. More information here.


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