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Events & publications: external activities in London

The first mission of 2023 brought me in January to London and was of course dominated by AI. Below a few takeaways.

🎤 Great event organized by Political Studies Association (UK) on ‘New media, old media” for which I was invited as panelist. While online harassment and biased algorithms remain a big problem on platforms, counter initiatives developed by industry & university show promising results. Find more information here.

◾ During my panel, I highlighted how difficult it is to regulate a technology that is deployed in many sectors, with endless different use cases. I concluded that a regulation on AI cannot come up with more than very general and flexible principles (1st level). The translation into harmonized standards & guidelines is key in such a regulatory framework (level 2).

◾ There is no #BREXIT in science. Researchers all over the EU keep cooperating with their UK contacts, are writing papers together and organizing joint conferences. A community of #friends and #partners

◾ The Alan Turing Institute is not only world class as research network but is - with the AI Standards Hub - also providing an excellent support mechanism that will particularly increase the involvement of SMEs and civil society in standardization bodies.


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