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Events & publications: my external activities in April 2023

What did I do in April besides having a very short Eastern break and barely surviving 10 additional technical as well as 4 Shadows meetings on the AI Act? Find below a summary with links to 1 podcast, 2 articles as well as information on 4 events in which I have participated as speaker.

🎧 12 April: I recorded a podcast for Taso Advisory's Tech Talks on 'EU tech policy - why the European Union is a global center for digital regulation and what that means across the world' together with Jillian Mertsch (Qualcomm). Listen to the full episode here.

📃 13 April: together with my colleague Inês de Matos Pinto from the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, I published an article at EURACTIV on 'Trustworthy AI made in the EU: how common values can be a competitive edge'. Read it here.

📃 19 April: together with Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner and Dr. David Bomhard, I published an article at Tagesspiegel Background Digitalisierung & KI on 'KI-Verordnung – Bärendienst für die heimischen KMU'. Read it here.

🎤 20 April: I gave a presentation on 'Ethic in a digital society: Artificial Intelligence in the European context' at a dinner talk in Brussels organized by the Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference (Deutsche Bischofskonferenz).

🎤 20 April: I was panelist on 'EES implementation and the importance of safeguarding biometrics' at the 'ID@Borders' conference in Brussels organized by the Biometrics Institute. Find more information here.

🎤 27 April: I was panelist on 'Making AI Regulation work at scale' at the conference 'A world leader in AI: Challenges and Pathways for the UK in the next decade' in London organized by Albright Stonebridge Group and Dentons Global Advisors. Find more information here.

🎤 28 April: I gave a presentation on 'The AI Act and MLOps - the lifecycle of AI' during the 'MLOps' conference in Munich organized by appliedAI Initiative GmbH.


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