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Events & publications: my external activities in May 2023

What did I do in May besides getting annoyed with all the drama before/after voting on the AI Act? Find below a summary with links to 1 podcast, 1 article and 7 events at which I have participated as speaker.

📃 2 May: I published another 'Update aus Brüssel' in the new RDV Online (Vol 2 / 2023) - law journal / print version - focusing on the latest developments on ePrivacy and GDPR. Find more information here.

🎤 3 May: I was panelist on 'Artificial Intelligence and Real Applications' at the #RAID2023 online conference organized by the RAID (REGULATION - AI - INTERNET - DATA)

🎤 4 May: I was also panelist on 'DeFi, AI and Golems' at the three-days #AvalancheSummit in Barcelona organized by Ava Labs and Owl Explains by Ava Labs. Watch the full session here.

🎤 10 May: I was panelist for 'Can Germany be a technology leader in AI' during the Rise of AI conference in Berlin. Watch the full session here.

🎤 11 May: I was speaker at a NIST roundtable on the EU AI Act organized by BSA | The Software Alliance in Washington DC (online).

🎤 15 May: I gave an intervention on the interlink between GDPR and the AI Act at the COST Action 'FinAI meets Brussels' organized by the COST Association - European Cooperation in Science and Technology in Brussels. More information here.

🎧 17 May: Together with Axel Voss, I participated at the Data Agenda podcast on 'Fünf Jahre DSGVO - kann die DSGVO auch KI' from The German Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD). Listen to the episode here.

🎤 25 May: I was panelist for 'AI Fairness Testing: Making it work in the Real World' during the #CPDP2023 organized by CPDP Conferences in Brussels. Find more information here.

🎤 25 May: I was panelist for 'Reviewing the global AI governance landscape: mapping the path to international collaborations' during the Amazon Web Services (AWS) 'DeepRacer - Brazil AI week' in Sao Paulo (online).


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