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MEP awards & Politico's Power 40

Over the course of two weeks, I was awarded best MEP Assistant in 2023 by The Parliament magazine and ranked #13 in Politico's 'Power 40 in Brussels'.

You should not take awards or rankings too serious. At the same time, you rarely receive positive feedback in politics, which is why it is sometimes quite nice if your work is publicly recognized. This happened to me twice in late June / early July 2023.

On 27 June, the Parliament MEP Awards 2023 brought together Members of the European Parliament and other EU stakeholders to highlight and celebrate outstanding achievements. I was awarded best MEP Assistant in 2023 ("APA who has gone above and beyond in his duties").

On 5 July, Politico ranked me on place #13 in their Power 40 - class 2023. This list attempts to identify those "top influencers who are most effectively setting the agenda in politics, public policy and advocacy in Brussels".


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