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Events & publications: my external activities in June 2023

What did I do in June besides getting annoyed with all the drama before/after voting on the AI Act? Find below a summary with links to 2 articles, 1 interview, 1 documentary, 1 podcast, 1 award and 9 events at which I have participated as speaker.

📖 6 June: I wrote my next ‘Bericht aus Brüssel’ for the RDV Online magazine (print 3/23), which was about ‘GPT-4 und die EU KI-Regulierung’. Find more information here.

📖 12 June: Together with Axel Voss, Rolf Schwartmann and Monish Darda, I wrote a piece for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on ‘CHATGPT & CO - Ein KI-Gesetz für Europa’. Read it here.

🎤 13 June: I gave a keynote speech on the AI Act and biometrics at the Identity Week in Amsterdam. Find more information here.

🎧 13 June: I gave an interview to James Llewellyn-Smith at the Identity Week in Amsterdam. Watch it here.

🎥 14 June: I was interviewed by Greta Buschhaus for the ZDF documentary on 'Der gefährliche Golschrausch in Silicon Valley - Wer steckt hinter ChatGPT & Co?'. You can watch it here.

🎤 15 June: I was panelist for 'AI Risk Policy & Regulation - what to look out for in 2023' at #AISummit in London. Find more information here.

🎤 17 June: I gave a speech on 'AI Regulation in Europe' at the #YOUthDIG in Finland (online). Find more information here.

🎤 20 June: I was speaker in a Twitter Space on 'AI in the EU: New Tech, New Rules' organized by Jon Stokes and Timothy B. Lee. Listen to it here.

🎤 21 June: I gave an impulse on the EU’s AI and data policies during the 'NowNewNext in the Global Public Sector' online event organised by Capgemini.

🎧 21 June: I was one of the speakers for 'Can blockchain solve AI's trust problem?' recorded by #OwlExplains by Ava Labs. Listen to it here.

🎤 22 June: I was panelist for ‘Gesetzgebung zu Daten mit Medien-Relevanz’ at the conference ‘Kölner Forum Medienrecht’ in Cologne. More info here.

🎤 23 June: I was speaker at an online event on the Trilogue of the AI Act organized by the Teknologirådet - The Norwegian Board of Technology.

🎤 25 June: I gave a keynote speech at the Speinshart Symposia in Bavaria on 'The challenges and opportunities of Generative AI & the EU AI ACT'. You can find more information here.

🏆 27 June: I received The Parliament's #MEPAwards2023 for the best MEP Assistant for 2023. Find more here.

🎤 28 June: I was panelist at a policy lunch on 'AI governance: challenges posed by foundation models and priority questions being answered by governments' organized by Partnership on AI in San Francisco (online).


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