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The AI Act: timeline (April update Vol 2)

Three Technical Meetings and three Shadows Meetings scheduled in European Parliament over the next 8 days. The vote in the IMCO/LIBE committee is scheduled for Wednesday, 26 April - the vote in plenary for 31 May. The trilogue would start officially in June but mainly fall under the Spanish Presidency.

Where are the negotiations in the European Parliament right now and what are the last contested points?

◾ Batch 1 with Art 30-39 => approved by political level

◾ Batch 2 with Art 40-51 => approved by political level (except Art 40/41)

◾ Batch 3 with Art 16-29 => approved by political level (except Art 28/28a/28b/29/29a)

◾ Batch 4 with Art 53-54 => approved by political level

◾ Batch 5 with Art 8-12 => approved by political level (except Art 10(5))

◾ Batch 6 with Art 1-2 => approved by political level (except FOSS exemption)

◾ Batch 7 with Art 70-85 => agreed upon at technical level

◾ Batch 8 with Art 56-58 (TBD: AI Office agreed upon but details open)

◾ Batch 9 with Art 59-68k (TBD: adjustments necessary with regard to other parts)

◾ Batch 10 with Art 6-7 (TBD: Recitals and details)

◾ Batch 11 with Art 5 => largely agreed upon in technical level

◾ Batch 12 with Art 3 => largely agreed upon in technical level

◾ Batch 13 with Annex II / III (TBD: in particular point 3/4/5)

◾ Batch 14 with newly proposed Articles (TBD: in particular general principles/sustainability assessment)

Although it will be hard to find an agreement on all open points until 26 April, the political groups agreed to try it at least. Thus, the next 8 days are a 'make it or break it' situation. Everyone needs to compromise and be willing to accept positions that are normally at odds with their political believes. If an agreement is reached, it will be a typical EU package deal (= no one is really happy).


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